How to Get a Better Grade in College Essay Writing : Expert Guide - 2022

There comes a point in students’ life when they are expected to be better at college essays. Teachers want them to write professional and error-free essays because their grade depends on those essays.

I know we all have been there, so; you don’t have to get scared. Just stay tuned until the end because I have interesting tips to share.

Essays are important in one’s academic life and their importance can be acknowledged in a way that one has to be very good at essays to get admission to university/college. Your essay must have that “Wow” factor to be eligible for college admission.

For some essay writing is not their cup of tea and I am the biggest example of that. I couldn’t write my essay until I stepped into college. I hired someone to write essay for me. Yeah, guilty as charged and that’s because I wasn’t very good at essay writing?

Anyway, don’t worry about essay writing because I am sharing some tips down below so that you don’t have to struggle the same way I did years ago.  All you need to do is memorize, practice, and keep practicing until you get better.

Remember quality of essay matters more than anything so while you are at it, make sure, you also improve the quality of your essay.

Coming back to the tips!

Be original and Unique.

Students often think that taking inspiration or ideas from others will take less time and one can write a good essay. I highly disagree with that because you have to be original in your ideas and thoughts if you want to stand out.

Those who are good at essay writing, take inspiration from others but don’t use their ideas as their own. Be original and take time to write the kind of essay that will instantly improve your grade.

The key point to remember: your college admission essay depends on how unique and original you are. Take a unique approach and put forth your ideas in your way. You don’t have to copy other ideas.

In the words of Lev S. Vygotsky, “Through others we become ourselves”

Don’t do that. Don’t become others, be your person.

Write on the Genre that you like the most

You cannot just write on any topic. Explore your ideas and genres and then choose what genre you want to write. If you are a tech geek, you might want to write about that niche because you know well about technology.

If you are interested in fashion, you should write about fashion. Choose a genre and stick with it.

Emphasis on Grammar

The definition of a good essay is when it has all the elements as well as no grammatical errors. A good essay with bad grammar is a perfect recipe for disaster. To ensure that you get good grades, work on your grammar and make sure your essay has no grammar mistakes.

You can ask anyone to review your essay and correct grammar if there are some mistakes. You can ask an essay writer for help and he/she can proofread your essay for a minimal fee. All the professionalism and credibility will go out of the window with bad grammar.

If you are still stuck, use an online grammar tool to remove all the mistakes.

Target Audience

A great way to increase essay grade is to write according to the target audience.  A 40-year-old might not like what a teenager likes. So, make sure you have the target audience in mind when you write my essay. It is also important to choose a topic that is apt for a specific audience.

Integrate Proper Research

Students shouldn’t take this point lightly because it is important to write well-researched essays to improve grades. Finding sources from multiple and credible sources is super important.  You have to do that before getting started. The right research allows you to present your idea coherently and adds knowledge about the subject you are writing on.

Keeping these tips in mind will certainly help you in improving the content of your essay.

You can look up articles, books, websites, and magazines to look for the right information for the topic you have selected.

Write down Important Ideas.

Writing down important ideas will give you a head start to organize your ideas. It will give you enough to make a clear image of what you want to write into your essay. Write the main arguments of the source that you want to use in your essay.

This summary will help you analyze and expand on the draft that you have written. Even if you check with an essay writing service, they will tell you the same. Even this trick is utilized by famous writers. They know that planning helps a great deal. You should also use it to your advantage.

Remember, drafts are a lifesaver so make sure, you don’t use this as a one-time practice but make it your habit to write drafts before getting started.

All these tips are really useful if you accept them with an open mind. Don’t worry about the mistakes that you will make in the process. The first step is to accept them and the second step is to work on them.

Work on your mistakes without panicking, you will see improvements in your grades. Essay grades are the foundation of making you a great essay writer so, don’t think essay grades aren’t important.

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